Fight Against Breast Cancer, Annual Luncheon

On October 11, 2016 Dr. Jensen and his wife hosted their 5th annual breast cancer luncheon for former and current breast cancer patients of Dr. Jensen. This year our luncheon was held at the Vista Room of Cedar Hills. Special guests Congressman Jason Chaffetz, along with paralyzed rodeo champion breakaway roper and professional barrel racer Amberley Snyder, spoke to our luncheon attendees.

Chaffetz's mother passed away after a long fight with cancer in 1995. "My mother fought breast cancer for twelve years, " Chaffetz said. "I saw up close and personal the toil this disease takes on patients and families. We appreciated so much the work of trained professionals who worked hard not only to treat her physical ailments, but also to give emotional support during a very difficult time for our family."

Other keynote speaker, Amberley Snyder, realized after a paralyzing rollover accident that the odds were stacked against her and her rodeo life. This life changing experience could have kept her from living her life, but she decided to "get back on the horse", literally. Despite being paralyzed, Amberley has gone on to become a champion rodeo roper and professional barrel racer, performing faster times than her competitors. "Speaking to a group of women who have felt hard struggles, and can relate to the life changing challenges that life throws at us, is a humbling experience for me," say Snyder. "Dr. Jensen has been a part of all our stories and through his gifted hands has helped give us the opportunity to return to the life we love."

October: A Time for Healing, Celebration and Remembering

Every October women all over the world celebrate breast cancer awareness month. It is a time of healing, celebration, and remembering. For our patients it is also a time to "pay-it-forward" to future breast cancer patients.

"Breast cancer survivors learn and experience so much during their fight against cancer; they can be a caring and valuable resource to recently diagnosed breast cancer patients," says Dr. Jensen. "My wife and I created this Pay-It-Forward program because we want to give back, but we also wanted to facilitate a way for breast cancer survivors to give back as well."

Each year, during our annual luncheon, attendees put together care packages for Dr. Jensen's future breast cancer patients. These bags include a small gift as well as cards with a personal, encouraging message from luncheon attendees, who are currently on or finishing their own breast cancer journey. This year Origami Owl, Jamberry, and Image Skincare generously donated product for our Pay-It-Forward gift bags.

This luncheon means so much to our office. It is a celebration of survivorship. In the U.S. one in eight women will be diagnosed during their lifetime with breast cancer. What an inspiring thing to witness hundreds of breast cancer survivors gathered together for our annual luncheon. We love celebrating them. We love celebrating WITH them. We love connecting them together.

Dr Jensen says, "I am honored to help my patients eliminate the initial shock that comes with a breast cancer diagnosis and instead replace that feeling with hope. Helping these women feel hope again is a very fulfilling part of my career."