True Stories

It’s one thing for us to talk about what we do. We prefer to let our clients talk to you about their experiences.

In December 2011 I got an infection that resulted in Necrotizing Fasciitis, AKA “The Flesh Eating Bacteria”. I was told, “It kills people and it will kill you too if we don’t operate on it right now”. I was also told that I could lose my life or my arm and that if I did survive it would require multiple surgeries over a period of several months. Oh Boy! I had only one choice and that was to DO IT. I could only compare it to a “skinned side of beef”. I was indeed fortunate that one of the two doctors to perform the operations was Dr. Mark Jensen. I was told he was the best and I was lucky to have him. They were right. He told me that when he first saw it he thought he would have to take the skin from my whole arm. Out of the 6 surgeries done, he did 4 of them. Needless to say, I survived and I did not lose my arm.

I was under the care of Dr. Jensen for a good share of 4 months. During that time there were numerous operations, wound changes, staples and painful days. I wondered if I would ever recover from this and if I would have much use of my arm. How would it look? How would it feel? Well, I can’t say it was painless or that I was not fearful but I can say that all of my visits with Dr. Jensen were pleasant and very positive. He always encouraged me and told me that I would be OK and able to play golf by spring. I didn’t believe him. I should have because HE WAS RIGHT. He put my arm back together and I did indeed play golf by June 2012. Today my arm is probably 99%. About as good as it could be. There is nothing that I can not do with it and you would have to look closely to even see the scars. You can barely even tell. THANKS DR. JENSEN. No amount of money is enough to repay such a debt that I will always owe to Him. The staff at his office were always friendly, courteous and most helpful. As a side note: My ex-wife (who was with me everyday) said she thought he was also very cute too. I saw him as a saving angel. He is.

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Brad M
During my three pregnancies I suffered from a unique condition called polyhydramnios, which is the accumulation of excess amniotic fluids during pregnancy. My abdomen was the size of a woman carrying triplets. Needless to say, it took quite a toll on my body. I also had extremely large breasts – a size H cup when I’m nursing. After having three children, I continued to exercise and eat healthy. I got back to my original pre-pregnancy weight, but my body did not “look” like my pre-pregnancy body.

I saw Dr. Jensen about 2 months ago for a tummy tuck and breast reduction/lift and the results are truly astonishing! I’m so happy with my new body! The results have exceeded all my expectations! My scars look better than my friends who have had similar surgeries and my recovery process was not nearly as difficult as theirs. By looking at my body you can see that Dr. Jensen works with detailed precision and is an extremely talented surgeon.

I also had concerns about not “looking” or “feeling” like myself after the surgery – I like me and didn’t want to look like someone else. I just wanted to look the way I did before I had three children. I know that’s a large request, but Dr. Jensen delivered! After a consultation with Dr. Jensen I felt like he listened and knew exactly what I wanted. And now, two months out of surgery, I “look” and “feel” more like me than ever before. I went to Dr. Jensen looking for the best and that’s exactly what I got, the best!

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Blaire O
For the past 20 years I have struggled with the pain and discomfort of breast nodules.  I spoke with a surgeon, and he arranged a meeting with Dr. Jensen to discuss my options. I was hopeful because both these surgeons were very positive about my initial nipple saving surgery. The surgery was planned for November 2011. This surgery went well but they were unable to save my left nipple and breast tissue due to complications caused by the massive number of nodules.  As I watched my left breast rotting away, I was heartbroken. But, Dr. Jensen maintained a positive attitude thus helping to keep my fears minimized.

The right breast has had no problems and retains a perfect nipple. Two more surgeries were required to repair the damage to the left breast, I was feeling disheartened. However, Dr. Jensen continued to express his positive look at the final outcome. He made me feel good and helped to keep my mood from dropping through the floor. The largest surgery was then planned, a transplantation of skin from my stomach to my left breast.  An eight hour surgery, I was impressed with the results, in fact it was amazing to see the difference. Finally I was able to feel good about the results and the shape of my left breast.

Altogether I had 6 surgeries with Dr. Jensen. One of the most difficult areas of the plan, for rebuilding my breasts, was trying to find enough fat to fill in the dimpled areas above both breasts. But at least now I have less than 15% body fat.

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Vicki M
As a mom of five I’ve always appreciated the ability my body has had to grow and birth babies! I’m an avid runner and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. Yet, after having my last baby, I realized there was nothing I could do to restore the breast volume I had lost after nursing my babies. I was sick of wearing padded bras and felt disproportionate in swimsuits. That’s when I started to consider surgery. As a healthcare worker myself, I was not impressed with the first three consultations I had in regards to breast augmentation. I had almost given up on the idea when I was referred to Dr. Mark Jensen. I think what impressed me the most was that he really took the time to get to know me, my active lifestyle, and my hopes of achieving a more balanced figure. It was clear that Dr. Jensen wanted me to take an active part in planning my procedure. While his recommendations were spot-on, he allowed me to ask endless, sometimes repetitive questions, until I felt fully confident going forward with the surgery.

Dr. Jensen is surrounded by an amazing, genuine, thoughtful healthcare team and this just added to my outstanding surgical experience. Choosing a surgeon is a BIG deal! Dr. Jensen’s medical training, certifications, and expertise make him an exceptional surgeon. Yet his ability to connect with his patients and his authentic character is something that can’t be taught. It’s my pleasure to recommend Dr. Jensen to friends, family, and acquaintances because I know that he treats each patient with the same respect, kindness, and comprehensive care that I received.

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Camille K
Dr. Mark Jensen makes me feel beautiful again! When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2012, my husband and I met with him in a surgery recovery room at the hospital in between his surgeries. We had to make a quick decision about reconstruction after a mastectomy. We were impressed with his professionalism, kindness and great enthusiasm. He gave us the information we needed to make an informed decision and I was on my way to “a more beautiful me.”
In the ensuing months every time we would meet with Dr. Jensen his enthusiasm was so encouraging! “Anyone can put in an implant,” he said, “but not everyone is an artist!” He made me feel that I would be complete again, and that the artistry he applied would be exactly what I was hoping for. We always felt welcome, and I felt confident that his “artistry” would be perfect.
My surgery is planned for the end of May. Am I nervous? Not a bit! I am excited! Dr. Jensen is not only my plastic surgeon, but he is my friend and one of my greatest cheerleaders! I highly recommend Dr. Jensen and his team. I would not go to anyone else!

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Cynthia D
When someone is first diagnosed with cancer, there are so many things that run through your mind–so many worries and “what if’s.” One of my worries was about the care I would receive from a Doctor who never met me, didn’t know me, and I didn’t know what I would look like after they were finished with me. I found out quickly that with Dr. Jensen, I didn’t have to worry about any of those concerns. He is very kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and truly concerned about me as a person–not just a statistic. He was very thorough with his explanation, giving me confidence and hope throughout my journey.

I was never treated like he had to “hurry” with me in order to see his next patient. I am extremely pleased with my results. He always made me feel like I was his only patient. His staff has been exceptional and accommodating. He followed through with genuine concern with calls to my home. If there is ever a need again for a plastic surgeon then I will have the privilege of Dr. Jensen as my physician! Next time, I hope it’s under different circumstances!

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Jo Ann M
Years of infertility treatment led my husband and I to our ultimate dream… parenthood. We were blessed with triplets and twins followed by a singleton all within seven years. Being able to carry and then nurse six children was wonderful, but as you would imagine, the effects of infertility treatment followed by multiple pregnancies took quite the toll on my body. I worked hard and was able to lose the 100+ pounds I had put on over the years, but the results of that hard work were disheartening. My body had been through a lot. Enter Dr. Jensen. With Dr. Jensen’s expertise, I have been given the gift of “being comfortable in my own skin” again. Dr. Jensen was caring and professional from my initial consult. His wonderful bedside manner quickly put any concerns I had to rest. I never felt rushed in any appointment as Dr. Jensen truly took time to answer questions and make sure that any concern I had was resolved. His staff was equally impressive as issues I had were addressed quickly and with care. I cannot say enough good about my experience with Dr. Jensen and his staff. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for the perfect plastic surgeon.

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Stephanie T
Dr. Jensen is the most amazing doctor I have ever encountered. Let me tell you a little about what I have been through this past year. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 34 and had a double mastectomy. I had my first breast reconstruction by a different plastic surgeon and was extremely unhappy with the result. I came to see Dr. Jensen for a second opinion, and I am so happy that I did. He did a complete revision of both breasts and I must say… I look amazing! It feels so good to look in the mirror and feel and look like myself again. It doesn’t even look like I had a mastectomy, they look natural. Not only is Dr. Jensen a great surgeon, but his bedside manner is excellent. He is caring and compassionate and truly listens to you. You cannot help but feel good about yourself when you leave his office. I wish I would have gone to Dr. Jensen from the beginning but I feel fortunate that I made the switch when I did. Thank you Dr. Jensen!

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LaNae J
The very first visit I had with Dr Jensen was very pleasant. His office staff was so sweet and made me feel like a friend! When I met Dr Jensen I had been referred by a surgeon who was to perform a total mastectomy, I was so nervous of what to expect. Dr Jensen enters the room with a cheerful attitude, explains the procedure completely. During my stay in the Hospital and every visit since when I see Dr Jensen he is so patient and interested in my concerns. I’ve always felt like the only patient, even though the office is full of many other patients. Dr Jensen is very concerned with the end result of his surgery and what you look like when everything is finished. A friend of mine said, “Before I met Dr Jensen, I was normal and now I’m prefect!” That’s how I feel, Dr Jensen really cares about his patients and takes every opportunity to make you better than you were before!! This has been a great experience and I wish there were more Doctors like Dr Jensen and his staff!!!

(Results May Vary)
Shirley S
I have known Dr. Jensen for over a year and he has performed two surgeries thus far for me, with two more planned. I am delighted with the results of my surgeries and most importantly I have total trust in Dr. Jensen.  His knowledge and his expertise in the area of plastic reconstruction are unparalleled.  Dr. Jensen is very personable and so easy to talk to.  He makes himself available to answer any questions or concerns that I have.  He also communicates very clearly what he feels are the best procedures for me. His office staff mirrors his personality and are very warm and open. They make scheduling appointments and surgeries easy and are always concerned with my welfare.  I cannot express enough my complete satisfaction and confidence in Dr. Jensen’s capabilities as a surgeon.  I have full faith in Dr. Jensen and his abilities and wholeheartedly recommend him.

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Whitney Z
I have the highest regard and esteem for Dr. Mark Jensen. During our first visit I instantly felt he was a genuine, warm, considerate person who was concerned for my well being. When you have a session with him he gives you his undivided attention and makes you feel at ease and comfortable. He enjoys what he does and does it to perfection. I feel equally the same for his entire staff who work in his office. I think his office staff are the sweetest and warmest people that I have had the pleasure of getting to know. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat. Dr. Jensen, you keep up the great work you are doing, you are truly loved and admired.

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Brenda M
I had a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Mark Jensen and his amazing team. My experience was wonderful! Wonderful kind people, who genuinely care about individual needs and results. Dr. Jensen and his Nurse Practitioners were very helpful in my personal decisions and were helpful in recommending and guiding. They were very thorough and wanted me to feel very comfortable with the surgery and my results. The Anesthesiologist was nothing short of amazing as well. Plan was explained prior to procedure and I knew I was in good hands all the way around. Highly recommend Dr. Jensen. Amazing doctor and overall an amazing experience. And the results are exactly what I was looking for! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Erica A
This is the best doctor by far I have ever had! The whole entire staff is amazing, detail oriented, they make you feel at home and welcomed. Dr. Jensen has a phenomenal bedside manner, very kind, very compassionate and told me what I needed what I didn’t need. My results exceeded far beyond my expectations! I wouldn’t hesitate to send friends and family and even my own children to him if needed!
Sophia S
The whole experience was so great. The staff is so kind and helpful. The office is incredibly clean. Dr. Jensen is so friendly. I will be coming back for all future cosmetic procedures!
Kelsi H
I finally decided to do something for myself! I had a lift and it was the best thing I’ve done! My results are fantastic. I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Jensen and his staff are the best. Thank you for changing my life.
Taylee P
The experience I have had with Dr. Jensen and his staff has been amazing. My surgery has been life changing for me and feel they went to great lengths to make sure I was prepared for my specific surgery and the care and attention I received was beyond what I expected. Not only is the office beautiful, but so is the staff! Thank you Dr. Jensen.
Lisa P
Dr. Mark Jensen SKILLFULLY and successfully corrected the bungled breast reduction performed by another area plastic surgeon. I wish I’d gone to him in the first place for the surgical procedure. The prior surgeon had left me with 4 uneven bumps and 2 dog ears that looked like Hershey kisses on my back. So ugly! Dr. Jensen fixed them all! He is MARVELOUS and I HIGHLY recommend him.
Suz B
I highly recommend Dr. Jensen. He is very kind and thorough. Upon my personal visit, he was honest about the surgery that I hoped for. His integrity allowed him to advise me that insurance would not cover the procedure. In the past I’ve had experiences with plastic surgeons that seemed to be willing to try to push it through. Though disappointed, his honesty and integrity won me over.
Sheryl B
I was diagnosed with breast cancer on my left side just over two years ago. Mark Jensen and his team are truly skilled and forthright. I am grateful to them and happy they were who I trusted with my surgery. I have very minimal scars. I was treated very kindly and they made sure I knew what to expect in each step. I had my last surgery last year and feel very happy with my implant and the results were above and beyond for my circumstances. I love the team he has there too. They were all so sweet and tried to help me throughout my visits. I always felt like they were taking the time to help me in any way they could. They were truly top notch. Thanks again.
Alisa P
I can honestly say that I have never felt more taken care of or cared for than I have by this wonderful doctor and his amazing staff. Cancer is scary no matter the stage. And the pure honesty and dedication and friendships that I have received at the start and continuation of my journey is indescribable. I know it’s the best care. I know they will do what they can to be sure I’m healthy enough to press forward. I know they are genuine in their kindness and second to none in the professionalism and compassion. I love his staff. Thank you Dr. Jensen. You and your office take the fear out. THANK YOU!
Julie C
I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Jensen. He is very patient with all questions. I felt comfortable talking to him about what I wanted. He listened and followed through on what size I was comfortable with. There was no pressure at the consultation. Dr. Jensen and his staff have answered every question I have had, even when I asked the same question more than once. I’m ecstatic with the results! I had forgotten what I was living without. It has been a relief to have my body restored. I have and would recommend Dr. Jensen’s office. Many thanks!
Cici P
Dr. Jensen is very professional and thorough. He explained everything to me in a way I can understand and he listened to my concerns so I feel that he has my best interest involved and after post surgery stuff he was more than willing to work with me individually as an individual not just another patient, so I really appreciated his hands-on ability.
Jane D

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