Cosmetic Surgery: Are the rumors true?

Cosmetic Surgery: Are the rumors true?

Written by Lindsay Nyman, Nurse Practitioner

When I was interviewing for the position to be Dr. Jensen’s Nurse Practitioner I was nervous about whether I would like the job or not. I had professionally known Dr. Jensen while working for a local General Surgeon and knew that he had an excellent reputation. I also respected Dr. Jensen’s work, and enjoyed associating with him in the operating room. I loved working in the surgical field, especially with breast cancer patients, however, I was nervous to work with “cosmetic surgery” patients. I wondered if I could find professional fulfillment working with patients that seemed to be self-indulgent. There are rumors of cosmetic patients being vain, high maintenance, never satisfied, and always wanting something more.

After I accepted this position my very first patient in Dr. Jensen’s office was a cosmetic patient returning for a follow-up appointment after abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). The patient had previously lost some weight but was bothered by excess skin and stretched out muscles. The patient showed me her before pictures and I was amazed at her surgical results. This procedure had changed her life by allowing her to gain mobility, fit in normal clothing and ultimately regain self-confidence after a difficult weight loss transformation. She was thrilled with her surgical results and right in that moment I saw a shift in my preconceived notions about cosmetic surgery patients.

I’ve been Dr. Jensen’s Nurse Practitioner for almost 2 years and I can’t express how much I love and respect our cosmetic patients. The rumors are NOT true! These patients are incredibly hard working men and women who are striving for self improvement. Most have worked extremely hard to stay healthy but they have a troublesome area that they need a little help with. They don’t seek out cosmetic surgery out of vanity or the need to impress others, rather they are looking to improve their feelings of confidence and obtain a sense of rejuvenation of body and mind.

I feel very fortunate to work with such amazing patients that let me be a part of their lives. The highlight of my day is being able to see patients return after surgery. They come into the office with exhilaration to finally see the full reveal from their surgery. It is exciting and a privilege to share in that moment when they begin to feel their confidence finally return. I’m happy to have found out that I have had great professional fulfillment working with these wonderful “cosmetic surgery” patients.

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