“Power Couples” of Skincare

“Power Couples” of Skincare

Your skin takes a serious hit in the winter. From heat blasted rooms to freezing cold temperatures outside, this whiplash can leave your skin so dry. To help remedy that here are some favorite “power couples” in skincare:

Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore + HA Intensifier

The Triple Lipid Restore moisturizer helps to rebuild the lipid barrier in the skin to help chronically dry skin. The HA Intensifier can then do it’s job by holding on to that hydration in the skin to prevent transepidermal water loss.

Lira Mystiq iLuminating Cleanser + Mystiq iLuminating Beauty Oil

This creamy cleanser allows for a deep clean without stripping the skin of it’s good oils. Finishing with the beauty oil helps to heal any irritations or dry patches from the harsh winter weather.

Image Vital C Water Burst + Retinol Booster

When mixed together, these two help to exfoliate away dry, rough skin so the hydrating products can travel deeper into the skin. This will maximize all the benefits from your home care medical grade skin care products.

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