Confidence at Every Stage

Confidence at Every Stage

No matter what stage of cancer you are experiencing, know that there IS hope! When you have been through the fight of your life against a battle with cancer, reconstructive plastic surgery can help you regain some measure of your old self back; quickly and safely. Reconstructive plastic surgery gives cancer survivors the chance to feel themselves again and give back what cancer took from them. After winning the battle against cancer, there are always options for survivors to give them the confidence they need to carry on, at every stage. Many different types of cancer patients can benefit from both major and minor reconstruction to minimize deformity due to cancer. Patients who have undergone mastectomy after breast cancer can benefit greatly from reconstructive surgery. Breast reconstruction allows cancer patients not only to be happier with their bodies but also can improve how they feel about themselves.

Pre-Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Tips

Reconstructive plastic surgery allows cancer patients to take part in the restoration process and focus on recovery rather than diagnosis. It is a personal positive journey but one that involves a very concerned team of caregivers to support you along the way. Most breast reconstruction patients look forward to restoring the shape of their breasts and bodies. Breast reconstruction can make your chest look balanced when wearing a bra or swimsuit and eliminates the need for an external prosthesis. Your positive mental attitude aids in your recovery and outcome and we recommend that you ask a positive person in your life to be your caregiver; the one who drives you to and from your surgery and stays with you for a couple of days after. It is also important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and exercise wisely; think lots of stretching, light cardio, low weight strength training. A walk outside is a great idea. You may be cooped up for a while after your reconstructive surgery so enjoying the sunshine and fresh air now will lift your spirits.

Re-establish Confidence and Stability

Battling breast cancer and going through the procedure of a mastectomy can take a serious emotional toll on a woman and even affect the way she looks at herself. Reconstructive plastic surgery can re-establish physical confidence and help patients regain their emotional stability. To help deal with the loss of breasts from cancer, it is important to focus on the positive. Although a mastectomy can change a patients feeling about themselves, it is important for them to remember that they are worthy of love and attention. By staying positive and surrounding themselves with a good support system, the patient can go through reconstructive plastic surgery with their self-esteem intact.

While winning the battle over cancer can bring a new sense of purpose to one’s life, it can also leave them feeling a little out of place. Reconstructive plastic surgery will give cancer patients the extra boost of confidence they need and deserve. Dr. Mark H. Jensen M.D. is an expert in both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Dr. Jensen will assist patients in regaining the confidence they need to live a happy and full life after cancer. 

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