Severe sun damage, deep wrinkles or acne scarring can leave the skin uneven and aged. Surgical or traumatic scarring can also disrupt a smooth contour. When the surface of the skin needs to be remodeled for any number of reasons, Dr. Jensen and his team provide several options to help smooth things out.

Elos Plus technology combines bi-polar radio frequency and IPL (intense pulsed light) to smooth out, tighten, stimulate collagen deposition and promote elastin formation. The dual modality treatment stimulates the deep skin to thicken and tighten while smoothing out the superficial layers.

Elos Plus facial treatments are non-ablative because the laser is gentle on the skin and does not break the skin surface. Downtime is minimal with the Elos Plus system. Two to three treatments are sometimes required to achieve full effect. Elos laser resurfacing is recommended when skin damage is mild to moderate. It can also work on moderate to severe skin damage when minimizing down time is a priority.

Anti-viral medication such as Acyclovir is necessary for patients with a history of cold sores. Use of sunscreen and avoidance of excessive sun exposure is also recommended. 

Laser Package Pricing Available.