Laser Photo Facial

Woman having laser photo facial (IPL) treatment

Laser Photo Facial is a powerful way to reverse the signs of aging. Years of sun exposure can leave our skin with uneven dark spots. These spots are referred to as sunspots, hyper pigmentation, age spots or freckles. Effective treatment is available to regain your youthful appearance. Let Dr. Jensen’s team devise a personalized treatment plan for you.

A specialized laser consisting of intense pulses of light (IPL) is used to target areas of pigmentation. Cells containing the high levels of pigment are disrupted. The dark spots are broken up and initially turn darker. After 7-10 days the dark pigment sheds and the skin is left lighter and has a more even appearance. Laser skin lighting may need to be repeated depending on the level of sun damage.

Use of sunscreen and avoidance of unnecessary sun exposure will help keep your skin youthful and prevent new sunspots from forming. Our medical grade skincare products, personalized to your skin type, will help you to maintain your results.

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